Corporate Social Responsability

Here at Tradilo we believe Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of understanding the role of the company in society, considering the environmental, social and economic impacts of the activity and our relations with the different groups of interest.

Tradilo’s management is firmly convinced that to strengthen the progress and growth of the company it is necessary to establish values and principles that show commitment and responsibility in all the activities we are involved in.

In this manner, the following Principles and Commitments set out in our Integrated Company Policy are established:

Ethical behaviour.

Comply with current legislation and regulations, as well as the company’s internal Code of Ethics, establishing a monitoring and control system for the identification and periodic evaluation of compliance and ensuring that activities are carried out within its framework.

Safety and health of people.

Prevent and avoid any damage to the health of workers, adopting the necessary measures to that end, such as the prevention of accidents and incidents, making it available to collaborating companies through appropriate training and business coordination.

Interest in minimizing our impact on the environment.

Carry out an environmental management based on the nature, magnitude and environmental impact of our activity, identifying and evaluating environmental aspects.

Efforts to improve the development of our human team through continuous training and learning.

Promoting Continuous Improvement, both in the performance of our processes and in our environmental behavior, as well as in the quality of our services and the occupational health of our workers.

Commitment to advance with our clients through a close relationship and a fluid communication.

Determining the specific needs of each client to provide the best possible service in each case.

Encouragement of teamwork and respectful treatment.

We promote a work environment in which all our employees without exception can contribute to their own success and that of the company, being accepted as they are regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, nationality, etc.