Conservation and respect for the environment is a priority in the performance of all our activities.

We are convinced that achieving business objectives is compatible with the implementation of policies committed to respecting nature.

Tradilo adheres to ECTA’s “Responsible Care” program, the objective of which is to ensure that companies, in the development of their activities, continuously improve Safety, Health Protection and the Environment in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development.

In this area we have a system of solar thermal panels to pre-heat the water for the washing lines with the consequent reduction in CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

All the water used in the cleaning processes is treated in advanced means of purification through physiochemical and biological processes to guarantee a minimum discharge of waste into the sewer system.

The waste generated both in the mechanical workshop and in the paintshop are managed by a procedure that includes its reduction to a minimum, reuse as far as possible and definitive recycling.

Tradilo obtained in February 2005 the “ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE” in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard.