Tradilo is extremely aware of all the aspects related to safety; therefore we put special determination in:

Complying with the regulation of internal safety, as well as that established by our clients.

Individual protective equipment for our staff.

Emergency Attention Vans> Equipped to manage ADR products

Product transfer equipment

The company has a Security Adviser, who in addition to the functions assigned by the ADR, acts as the person in charge of security management, is in charge of emergency interventions en route and performs the analysis of unsafe situations (Near Miss) detected in loading / unloading facilities.

Emergency Drills are held annually on emergency situations at the base (within the Self-Protection Plan).

Simulation of product spill in a container in the ADR parking.

Objective: Spill containment test / Crane actuation (Reach-Staker)

Fire simulation near an empty ADR tank.

Objective: Activation of Extinguishing Equipment (Hydrants)

ADR spill simulation (Parking ADR)

Objective: Spill control / Product transfer