We have highly qualified personnel for both the maintenance and repair of vehicles, as well as the care of their image.

  • All kinds of repairs on trucks, trailers and tanks / containers.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Tire service.
  • Body and paint shop.
  • Roadside assistance van with transfer equipment.
  • Technical pre-inspection of ADR vehicles and Pre-ITV.
  • Collaboration with inspection and control entities in our own facilities.


At our base in Constantí we have 450 parking spaces for vehicles that transport dangerous and non-dangerous goods, keeping a record and control of all the vehicles in our facilities (license plates, ADR and non-ADR goods, etc …). 100 of these spaces are specifically prepared for vehicles with ADR goods.

Our facilities are equipped with a permanent video surveillance system, a spill containment basin, a liquid leakage control system and flammable gas detection systems.


We offer storage and handling of 20 and 40 foot containers (loaded or empty, dangerous goods or not), as well as the possibility of washing, heating (steam, water, electrical), maintenance and other additional services.


At our base in Constantí we have 2500m2 of offices for rent with underground parking for the staff who use them.

Gas station

Other services

Body cleaning, restaurant, showers for drivers are some of the additional services we offer at Constantí.